Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Wedded Bliss...

That is the only word to describe the project I took on.
I was contacted by a local bride (referred by my new friend Madri).
She wanted to know if I'd make favors for her wedding.
 As someone who usually takes on smaller orders (i.e. two or three dozen)...
I was hesitant...but welcomed a challenge!
I decided it would be good to push myself out of my comfort zone.
 Thankfully, the lovely bride was easy to work with and very flexible.
We decided on 6 mini cookies per favor, each tied with ribbon, and a thank-you card attached.
  The final tally she needed was 1380 cookies.
I think I made enough extras that I was more in the ballpark of 1400-1500 minis.
 It was quite a project.
My mom volunteered to come up and assist me one day.
I had all the cookies baked...and then we started an assembly line of sorts.
She did all of the "flooding" while I started "detailing" the dry cookies.
It got to the point, where my youngest son actually said to me, "I CAN'T TAKE THE SMELL OF COOKIES ANYMORE! WHEN WILL YOU BE DONE?"
For a child to tire of the smell of cookies...you KNOW you've baked a lot of cookies!
I put together a few collages of my journey on this project.
Below is a look at my journey with this project...enjoy!

If you are ever challenged to take on something you've never done before, I encourage you to try it.  You may just surprise yourself...I know I did!
Remember planning and preparation are key!

...and they lived happily ever after...


  1. Replies
    1. Thank-you so much Sherry! It was such a fun (and huge) project!

  2. OMGoodness Melody! I did gourmet cookie favors for our son and daughter's weddings and that is so much work! You did an awesome job, so detailed and beautiful! I'm sure your cookies were a huge success at the wedding.

    Have a sweet day!

    1. Thank-you so much Heather! I truly enjoyed it! Weddings can be scary because it's such a special day for the couple...you want them to be perfectly happy! I was a tad bit nervous! But I was happy (as was the bride) with the results. ;)

  3. Wow! They came out so beautiful!! Congrats on a job well done!

    1. Thank-you so much KaHolly! :) I had so much fun while working on them. But I have to admit, it WAS a big relief when they were done. Ha! ;)