Thursday, November 29, 2012

Ninja Bread Men

This was a fun batch of cookies.
I did these for my nephew's birthday.
He loves Ninjago (did I spell that right?)...
So I decided to haul out the Ninja Bread cookie cutters that I won in a giveaway and had never used yet!
I won these cutters about a year ago or so and I can't believe I hadn't used them yet!
They were so much fun!
I looked up Chinese characters on Google to find some words I wanted to pipe on the cookies.
I hope I got them right!
The red circle cookie on the left is the number "9".
The white circle cookie in the center says, "Happy Birthday".
And the red circle cookie on the right says, "Logan".
...or at least I "HOPE" that's what they say, LOL!
Hope you enjoyed these Logan!

Monday, November 26, 2012

Fall Fun...

This was a fun batch of cookies.
I used my new favorite cookie recipe.
Then I used glaze to flood them.
Next I used royal icing to pipe the intricate details.
I had been wanting to try these fall trees for quite some time and they were much easier than I expected.  I also printed out some "thanksgiving" script to practice on my KopyKake.
"Practice" being the key word.
I'm still not that great at it...but it's fun practicing and learning the ins and outs of the KopyKake.
This batch of cookies brought me joy...mostly because I did them as a gift.
Any time I can give my cookies away...
It makes me happy.
I like to bless people with cookies.
I like to think...Cookies make people happy.

Friday, November 9, 2012

Dirt Bike Themed Birthday Cake!

This order came from a local friend of mine for her little guy's birthday!

I had never done a dirt bike theme, so I was a little nervous!
What I ended up going with was a simple 1/4 sheet cake.

Piped A LOT of green grass...

A dirt path with chocolate buttercream...
And some "hills" with "cake pop" mixture!
(crumbled cake and icing)
And for texture used cookie crumbs!

My friend gave it the finishing touch by adding the two little dirt bikes, as you can see in the first picture.
Happy birthday little one!

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Awareness Cookies...

I got some new cookie cutters.
And as all "cookiers" will tell you...
When you get a new cutter...
You get the "itch".

This "cookie" cutter...
Is not really a "cookie" cutter at all!
This is a "toast" cutter that I got from Copper Gifts!
I won a gift card and saw this toast cutter and KNEW I wanted this for...
Not toast...
I fell in love with the puzzle pieces knowing immediately I could make "Autism Awareness" cookies (like these).
My youngest son also suggested piping "pictures" on the cookies and they would become "puzzle"/picture cookies!
No matter what you use this cutter for, it's sure to find multiple uses in your kitchen!

I am LOVING this awareness ribbon cutter!
I won this in a giveaway and it will have MANY uses in the future, I just know it!
I used it this month for Breast Cancer Awareness Cookies!

Nothing fancy...I was in the mood for "sugar" sprinkled cookies when I made these and the "Autism Awareness" cookies above.
So I sprinkled sanding sugar on some and sugar crystals on others.
I love the extra "crunch" sugar gives cookies!
Sweet Ivy will now by offering "Awareness" cookies.
If you have a particular cause that you'd like to see cookies made for, let me know!
I'd love to work with you on creating cookies for your event!

Belated Halloween Cookies...

Better late than never!
That has become my motto with blogging lately.
Oh well, it's true!
Here are a few Halloween cookies I pumped out this season!

It's getting tougher and tougher to practice, because my three guys aren't big sugar cookie fans!
So who do I push off lovingly give my sugar cookies to when I practice?

My daycare kiddos LOVE my cookies!
And I LOVE to bake for them! we all can't give too much sugar to little ones.
They tend to get a little hyper...
And not eat their healthy lunch...

So I have to watch how often I hand them out, LOL!

These I actually made specifically for them as Halloween treats.
We had a Halloween party with the daycare kiddos and I sent goodie bags home with each of them.

Instead of filling bags with candy, I sent a bag with 5 decorated cookies, Halloween pencils, rings, toys, glow bracelets, etc.

I think they were pretty happy.
And when I'm able to give away decorated cookies...
It spreads the word...about my baking...which is good for business!