Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Thoughts On The "BabyCakes" Cake Pop Maker...

Being a newbie to the field of baking, it feels strange to have people ask me questions.
But ever since I posted a picture of my BabyCakes cake pop maker on my page, I've had A LOT of questions about it.
Many people have told me they don't like it.
But I personally have nothing but GOOD to say about it!
I had always been hesitant to make cake pops because I had heard everyone say how messy it is.
And everyone who knows me, knows I don't really like getting my hands all messy, LOL!
So, when I saw this little machine come out I knew I just had to have it!
Well, the awesome hubby I have...surprised me on Mother's Day with the BabyCakes cake pop maker (AND a Kitchen Aid Mixer!).
I was so happy!
My experience with the BabyCakes and tips that I find handy...
Always spray the machine with a light coating of vegetable spray (i.e. Pam).
After it preheats...
Use a pastry bag to fill the little holes.
This is much less messy.
Many people say they have trouble getting perfectly round cake pops.
I have found that the amount you put in is CRITICAL.
If you fill it exactly right to the EDGE (no more, no less)...
You will come out with a perfectly round cake pop every time.
The bottom half of your cake pop will appear a little darker due to the way the machine bakes.
It is not burnt.  It just cooks that way.
Always use a potholder when opening and closing this machine!
It gets VERY hot!
I also use a butter knife to gently lift the little "clasp"/locking mechanism because I find that it also gets very hot.
Be careful.
It comes with a little "fork" to use when removing them from the machine.
It is very hot!

Many people have asked me about how they turn out, the texture, and the taste.
They are not gooey like many of the traditional cake pops because they do not have frosting mixed in with them.
Personally, I LOVE this because I do not like desserts that are ooey, gooey.
I enjoy sweets...but I don't care for overly rich things, so the invention of this machine was AWESOME for people like me who love cake...but not ooey, gooey desserts.
They are simply "cake pops".
Little tiny cake pops.
They do stay very moist though.
They don't get dry or tough.
The guide says to bake your pops 4-6 minutes.
I personally have found that FOUR minutes is the best way to go.
Anything over four minutes and they start getting overly brown and tough.
The kit also includes a "filler" if you would like to inject filling into your pops.
I have not tried this but heard that it is quite easy to do.
I have done both cake and brownies in mine and loved both.
You can make other things in it too like donut holes, cream puffs, and many other things.
I have had ALL GOOD experiences with my BabyCakes and would recommend it to anyone!

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  1. Awesome! I have only eaten two cake pops in my life - one that I made (the ice cream cones) and one from Starbucks. Starbucks = GROSSLY ooey and gooey. As in, it reminded me of extremely UNDERCOOKED cake! Ewww. Mine was also moist but certainly not to that extent. I don't put in as much frosting as some recipes tell you to, however. Anyway ... all that to say this: The Babycakes cake pop maker sounds like a great invention! LOL Maybe it's "cheating" (ha ha) but it sounds like it produces something quite yummy! :) So glad you are enjoying it!!!