Thursday, September 8, 2016

Summer Time Fun!

 Lately my blog posts haven't really been "topic" related...more along the lines of "Sweet Ivy Tries To Play Catch Up"...haha!
But that's ok!
I'm always excited to share my latest projects!
The cake above was for a co-worker's granddaughter.
She was celebrating her birthday and requested this special design!
I did 40 cupcakes and a small 6 inch cake for the birthday girl.
The cakes were all strawberry in flavor topped with a classic homemade buttercream.
The technique I did on the side of the 6 inch cake made me think of fishy fins...that's why I added that...last minute thought that came to me, ha!
Happy birthday Bella!
 This cookie platter was done for a friend of mine who has been going through a rough time physically lately.  When you're struggling physically, it's very easy to start struggling emotionally.  It's hard to stay positive while everyone around you is going about their usual routine.  I wanted to bring some cheer to my special friend.  I chose these bright cheerful colors and did a buttery vanilla cookie with royal icing d├ęcor.
My continued prayers are with you Kim!
 These cake pops were for a coworker of mine.
They were for someone's birthday.
They were done in French vanilla cake and dipped in white chocolate.
I added some pink and green sprinkles for extra cheer!
Happy birthday!
And lastly, I did this baby bouquet for a friend of ours.
We have a sweet friend who, twice this summer, has been our house-sitter, kitty-sitter, plant-waterer, mail-getter, set-out-the-trash-dumperer, and anything else I asked her to do!
She is the SWEETEST ever!
So I not only gifted her with cash, but also a Sweet Ivy Confections gift certificate.
And...being the kind person she is...she didn't even use the gift certificate on herself!
She requested a baby bouqet for her sister-in-law who was expecting a baby!
(I told you she was sweet!)
This bouquet included buttery vanilla cookies decorated in royal icing, and French vanilla cake pops dipped in white chocolate.
Congratulations to the new momma!
And thank-you to our sweet friend Selena!
Well, that wraps up my "Summer Catch-Up"...
I hope you had a wonderful summer!
I'm so looking forward to fall!
Not only the weather, but all of the baking that comes with it!
Beautiful autumn sugar cookies and pumpkin spice EVERYTHING!
If I can ever be of assistance with your birthdays, baby or wedding showers, parties, reunions, or whatever the event...just holla!

Saturday, July 23, 2016

More Grad Pops!

After coming back from a wonderful vacation...
I had a big project to start on.
One hundred and sixty cake pops for a graduation party were due that weekend!
These were done in a French vanilla cake and dipped in white chocolate.
It was a gold and black theme, so they were sprinkled with gold and black sanding sugar.
I finished them off with pretty black and gold satin ribbon.
I hear they were a big hit!
Congratulation graduate!

Sunday, June 19, 2016

Graduation Fun...

 May and June is time to celebrate all things graduation!
High school, college...such an exciting time!

 These cake pops and cupcakes were for a young lady graduating high school this year!
 The cake pops were a vanilla cake dipped in white chocolate finished off with teal and black sprinkles.  I really like the way the black and white ribbons finished off the look of the presentation!
 I also whipped up some vanilla cupcakes with a classic vanilla buttercream.
 They icing was tinted teal and I added black sprinkles.
Congratulations class of 2016!

Friday, May 27, 2016

Spring Time Cookies and Cake Pops!

 I seem to be combining more and more treats together into one post more often than not.
But that's ok.
At least I'm getting them posted!
 I made these for a bake sale at church.
They were inspired by "Bake at 350."
I knew when I volunteered to do them, I wanted something springy.
But...I wasn't sure what I wanted to do.
I began looking for ideas.
When I came across some similar to these, I knew I had to expound on them!
 From the shapes, to the colors, to the designs, to the quotes...
I love everything about them!
And the bake sale was a success!
 These cookies, I made for our Youth Girls Conference at church last month.
Their theme was "Beautifully Beloved."
 The colors were pink and gold.
Ms. Kate gave me free reign on the design...(I love it when people do that!)
I had a lot of fun adding the metallic gold touches at the end! 
 Honestly, the pictures don't do them justice.
They turned out so cute!
 I hope the girls enjoyed receiving and eating them as much as I enjoyed making them!
 And I hope they all know how "Beautifully Beloved" and special they are!

 Up next...cake pops!
 These were done for a bridal shower.
They were white cake, dipped in white chocolate, and  drizzled with a variety of colors.
These, I made for my momma for Mother's Day.
They were white cake with chocolate chip and dipped in milk chocolate and sprinkles.
I told her the only stipulation was, she had to share with dad, ha!
Well, that's all for now!
Stay tuned for more upcoming treats!
And as always, if I can ever assist you with desserts and treats for your upcoming event, don't hesitate to contact me!

Friday, April 29, 2016

A Little This & That...

 So, I have been a VERY (with a capital V) bad blogger lately!
But I'm back and I've got a few goodies to share with you! I said, I've been very this will take us all the way back to Christmas!
I know...REALLY bad.
So starting with the most recent (above)...
These were some cake pops I did recently for a baby shower.
They were white cake dipped in white chocolate with a pretty yellow drizzle and navy blue ribbon for accent.
 Chocolate covered strawberries were a new request for me!
A couple co-workers asked me about this and I thought it would be a fun thing to try.
I think they turned out pretty!
These were for an anniversary.
 This platter and the following bouquet were for a co-worker who was going on maternity leave.
A sweet baby girl to celebrate!
The cookies were my butter-vanilla flavor.
I iced these with glaze instead of royal icing.
The platter of cookies was for a potluck we had for the momma-to-be.
I made up this bouquet as a gift for her to take home.
I included some butter-vanilla cookies and also some cake pops as well.

Valentine's Day wasn't too terribly busy for me this year.
This is actually when I got my first request for those chocolate covered strawberries I mentioned above.  These were requested by another co-worker for his sweetheart.

 And another co-worker requested cake pops for his sweetie!
These were red velvet...a new popular request!

 I celebrated MY birthday in February as well.
I normally don't bake myself a cake...however, this particular year, I was craving cake.
So, what do you do when you're the baker?
Make yourself a cake!
This was a white cake.  I iced it in classic buttercream.  It was accented with fondant roses.
Pink and favorite colors!
I won't tell you how old I am...
 And lastly...embarrassingly enough...
Some Christmas cookies I never posted, LOL!
These were just some simple sugar cookies that I iced with royal icing and then did some metallic stenciling on.
I really like how the snowflakes turned out.
Well that catches us up for a bit.
Next up...
I have some very pretty spring cookies from a bake sale that I did...
And some pretty girly cookies for an upcoming girl's retreat!
Stay tuned...they're coming!
(I promise.)