Friday, October 24, 2014

Baby Shower! (Whale Theme)...

 As much as I love the baking and decorating aspect of this job...
Another thing I adore about this job is...
Getting to be a part of people's celebration.
Even if I'm not physically there...I enjoy that I get to contribute to their celebration.
Be it birthdays, reunions, holidays, wedding, or babies!
It's a wonderful feeling knowing that I can help people celebrate!
 Sometimes I know the customer...sometimes they are a referral from a friend or family member and I only know "of" them...regardless...helping them celebrate is a blessing to me!
With this order, we are celebrating a new life!
A precious baby boy will be joining a family soon!
 As I've mentioned before, I love when I'm pretty much given free reign to create what I want.  I asked for a napkin or invitation so that I'd have something to go by...
 What a fun theme for a baby shower!
Sometimes we see the "same 'ol, same 'ol" on Pinterest party ideas.
But I had never seen a whale theme.
 I had so much fun designing/planning these cookies!
They are actually a "cookies on a cookie".
I had a whale cookie cutter, but I didn't like the it didn't match the one on the napkin well.  So I got a little creative.  I grabbed one of my tools...did a little bending and crimping...and...VOILA!  He turned out just like the little whale on the napkin!
I decided just a plain whale would be a little...meh...
So I wanted to really tackle the design on the napkin.
I used an oblong plaque cutter, added the whale shape on top, then piped a border and mini whale silhouettes around the edge.
How fun is that!
 Cake pops are on the menu too!
I don't do the traditional "cake/frosting" mixture...I find it overly sweet/rich.
I simply offer a cake "truffle".
A bite-sized morsel of moist cake dipped in either white or milk chocolate.
This cake pop is a "confetti cake" dipped in white chocolate and I added some blue and green sanding sugar to match the color scheme.
When I have a smaller order, I like to do a little something extra special.
I add extra ribbon and fun little tags to the cake pops.
I don't normally do this with larger you can's quite time consuming.
But this was a smaller order, so I had a little fun with it.
Sweet Ivy would like to say CONGRATULATIONS to the mommy-to-be!
Good luck and God bless your sweet new bundle of joy!

Thursday, October 23, 2014

♪♪♪It's The Most...Wonderful Time...Of The Year (Autumn!) ♪♪♪

 ♪♪♪It's the most...wonderful time...of the year...♪♪♪
 Nope!  It's not Christmas...yet!
Although that is my favorite holiday...
But my favorite "season" is AUTUMN!
Recently, my mom asked me if I would bake up an autumn variety for our extended family down in the St. Louis area.  She and my dad were headed that way to visit all of our family and she thought some cookies would be a nice treat to share.
I decided on these happy little candy corns for all of the cousins/kids.
 Next I made up platters for all of the "grown-ups".
 I incorporated some sunflowers...
 Some pumpkins...
 I experimented with my airbrush on the pumpkins...adding hints of green on the bottom.
It's a learning process for sure...
 Pumpkin pie anyone?
 Just kidding!
They're really mini cookies!
 I know...I totally had you, didn't I?
 More pumpkins...

 And some pretty fall leaves...
 I experimented with my airbrush some more on these...
 I thought they turned out pretty good...
 ...and the finished product!
 The little kids platter...
 One of the "grown-ups" platters...
 I hope everyone enjoyed them!
I sure did enjoy making them!
Happy Fall Y'all!