Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Lace, Conversation, and Florals...

Ever since I saw the lace tutorial by "My Little Bakery" I was obsessed with learning how to do it.  Nadia was kind enough to show us her techniques and I was absolutely intrigued after I saw all of her beautiful cookies and handiwork.

I have by no means perfected it...but I am learning a lot as I practice...for example icing consistency, how far to pipe lines apart, and more.

I did this technique on some more of the famous "SugarBelle's" Brown Sugar Cut Out Cookies.
It's a really tasty recipe.

I also did some Conversation Hearts.

Or...at least, that's what they were supposed to be...teeheehee!

I also attempted some floral bouquets...thinking they'd be cute for Valentine's Day.

But I have to say...I have been working to perfect this particular cutter/cookie style for nine months now, and it just isn't happenin'!  LOL!

I don't know what it is...I've seen come cookiers do some beautiful bouquets of this style...and this is one I just can't seem to master.
Oh well.
Guess everyone has their specialty, LOL!

I have to say, as much of a romantic as I am...loving hearts and all things pink...I think I'm tiring of Valentine cookies...teehee!
Who's ready for St. Patty's Day?

Friday, January 27, 2012

"Lace" Cookies...

I had been wanting to try these ever since I started following "My Little Bakery" on Facebook.
If you have never seen her cookies or heard of her...Nadia is an amazingly talented cookie artist with exquisite handiwork!
I would have never attempted these, had she not put out a wonderful video tutorial.

After watching the tutorial several times (and marveling at her steady hand and amazing talent), I decided I had to give it a go.
Well...let's just say, I don't think my "lace" will ever match up to the talent of "My Little Bakery".  But it was a lot of fun and wasn't as disasterous as it could've been, LOL!
I enjoyed doing these and it could've been much worse, LOL!
If you've never seen her work, check out her blog here.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Sweet Snowmen!

Here in Micigan, we have had a record-breaking mild winter.
Thursday night.
It snowed...
And snowed...
And snowed some more!
We have a about a foot now!
It's all good with me.
I work from home, so it never bothers me.
The sun came out and all the roads are clear now, yet it's so beautiful ,with the snow laying heavily blanketed on all of the trees.

As it "blizzard-ed" (is that a word? lol!)...I decided I'd make a special treat for my family.
Sure they'd be tired of cookies and cake, I decided to whip up some brownies.
Boring brownies?
I did snowmen brownies!
I had a snowman cake pan that make four at a time, so I was able to whip out a dozen (very slowly, only four at a time).
I decided to frost them and make them cute.
I had two conclusions on the final product.
My youngest son (whom is just like my husband) informed me that, "You do not frost brownies with anything but chocolate frosting mom."
Ok then!
My oldest son, whom thinks there's no such thing as "too sweet" thought they were great.
So the final thoughts on this project were split right down the middle.
Oh well, I guess ya can't win 'em all...can ya?

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

And A Few More Valentines...

These were some fun cookies.
I love doing random letters and sayings with cookies!

So any time I have the opportunity to "write" or "spell" with cookies, I take that opportunity and run with it.

I did these in a Brown Sugar Spice Cookie recipe that I got from the famous SugarBelle's.
You can try the recipe for yourself...
I think they turned out fairly well.
There were a few minor glitches.

For example...my never-ending problem with runny icing.

Some of the leaves were a little gooey and didn't hold shape as much as I'd have liked.

But for the most part, these were some stress-free cookies, LOL!

Stress-free cookies, you may ask?

Anyone who knows me, knows that I stress BIG TIME when I decorate cookies and cakes.

As much as I love baking and decorating, it is still a source of stress for me...as I am a perfectionist.  And as a newbie, the learning curve is very difficult for me.
So, when you hear me say "stress-free cake or cookies"...
Now, you'll know that it was a good experience!

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Valentine's Day Cookies!

I started early this time.
For Christmas, all of my baking buddies seemed to be baking holiday cookies by Thanksgiving!
So this time, I got on the ball and started baking for the next holiday early.
I figured I needed some samples if I'm to get any orders for the Valentine's Day holiday!

Valentine baking (cookies, cakes, treats) are one of my favorites to do because I love romance, love, and all things pink!

I didn't have my cookies done and posted, but maybe ten minutes and I was already getting questions on what some of my "sayings" were on the cookies.
I guess I thought everyone knew all the lovey-dovey acronyms for Valentine's Day and love...but that's not the case.
So...I guess I get to interpret, LOL!
First, my husband asked me what S.W.A.K. was.
"Are you kidding me?", I asked him.
Silly hubby...doesn't he know anything about love and romance?

This little floral one was one of my favorites.
I love doing flowers.

The next question came from one of these cookies.
Well, I think "most" everyone knows that XOXO means "hugs and kisses", right?
I got a question on "Mwah".
What does that mean?
I guess I thought everyone knew that that was the sound you make for an exaggerated kiss!

I still don't have perfect penmanship when piping lettering.
That is still something I still struggle with and continue to work on.

But these were a lot of fun.

If you live in the southwest Michigan area or on the lakeshore...let me know if I can help you out with any Valentine baking!
I do cookie and cake pop bouquets, cake truffles, cookies, cakes, petite treats of many kinds!
All can be individually bagged, tied with ribbon, and customized/personalized with tags!

Sweet Ivy wishes you a very happy Valentine's Day!