Monday, August 5, 2013

Packaging Cookies For Shipping...(A Tutorial)

~Shipping Cookies~
It's every baker/decorators worst nightmare.
 I have finally found "what works for me" and I thought, "Why not share it?"
I know there are other cookie decorators who use this method as well, but I've yet to find a "step-by-step" tutorial on this method, complete with pictures.  I'm the kind of learner who needs to be able to read the words and also look at pictures.  So I hope this helps SOMEONE else out there as well.
First off...most people ask, "Should I use UPS, USPS, or FedEx?"
Here is where I will just give you my own personal experience and opinion.
Upon many personal experiences with the USPS, I have had packages ripped, shredded, crushed, dropped, torn...and the contents destroyed.  Not to mention, they rarely arrive on time.  I have never used UPS for cookies, but I do know I've never had a bad experience with other packages that have arrived at my house that they've delivered.  
My PERSONAL FAVORITE is FedEx.  In my town, they offer the best hours of service.  They have friendly employees.  All of my cookies have arrived on time and in one piece.  I personally think their customer service can't be beat.  The cost of shipping "may" be a little more with FedEx, but is it worth it to have your cookie arrive on time and in one piece?  In my opinion, that would be a big resounding YES!
The staff at FedEx explained to me, that no matter which mailing service you use...all packages, at some point, are "dropped" from a conveyor belt.  Now I don't know "how high" or "how hard", but that is why packaging your cookies correctly is so critical.

Above is a little step by step collage I put together.  You can click on it to make it larger if you'd like to see it in detail.  The exact same pictures follow in the tutorial.
Ok, so here we go!
Are you ready to ship your cookies?
 First off, you're going to want your cookies to be I recommend using a heat sealer to seal your cookies.  Once your cookies are all sealed, lay them out and we're ready to start prepping them for shipping!

 Next, you want to find a box suitable for shipping.  Nothing too huge.  I generally only ship 1-2 dozen cookies at a time, so my boxes are pretty small.  Once you have a box, you'll want to line it with bubble wrap...bottom, and each side.
 Ok.  Now that we've padded the box, we're ready to move on to inserting the cookies.  I use what I refer to as a "file" method.  I kind of just made up this term because when you insert the cookies, they look like they're little file folders.  You're going to need some scrap cardboard at this point.  Old boxes work just fine.  You'll need to cut them down in size so that they fit the width (or length, depending on which way you insert) and the height of the box.
 You can measure or just hold it up to your box to get an idea of the size you need to cut them into.
 Continue measuring and cutting until you have as many as you need.
I always insert them into the box like this, to see if they fit properly.
 Next what you're going to do, is lay out a long piece of bubble wrap (I like to buy the big rolls).  Lay your cardboard cutout onto the bubble wrap.  Place a cookie on the cardboard.  Take a small piece of Scotch tape and gently tape it to the cardboard.  Depending on the size of your cookies, cardboard, and box, you can generally fit several cookies on each piece.
 You will (very gently) flip your cookie board over and do the same thing again (place cookies/tape).  You will have cookies taped to the front and back of the cardboard.
 Now, we're going to (very gently) wrap our cookie board in bubble wrap.
Bring it around and place a small piece of Scotch tape to hold it in place.
 Now we're ready to insert them into the box.
Simply (and gently) place it (standing up) into the box, as if it were a file folder.
 Continue placing them into the box as you repeat each of the above steps.
(Wow, my hand looks chubby there...doesn't it? Haha!)
 As you are finishing up packing, you're going to want very little movement in the box.
 Remember, we are packing "snug" but not TIGHT.
If you pack too tight, it can wreck havoc on your icing details or crumble your cookies.
We don't want a lot of "wiggle room".
If you have "movement" place some more bubble wrap or some packing peanuts on the ends for more support/cushion.  When finished, it should feel secure and there shouldn't be much shifting.
There you have it.
You're cookies are snug an secure.
So far...(knock on wood)...I haven't had any problems with this method of shipping.
All of my cookies have arrived in one piece with no icing cracking.
Tape your box shut.
Take it to the delivery office of your choice.
Cross your fingers, say a prayer, and wait for your recipient's response!
I can tell you, it never gets any easier.
No matter how many times you ship cookies.
You will always be on pins and needles until you hear the recipient say, "They're here in one piece!"  LOL!
Then you can sit back, relax, and pat yourself on the back for a job well done!
Good job my friend!


  1. Thanks for tutorial. Big help.

    1. You are most welcome! Since I first started using this method, I've never had one cookie break yet! :)

  2. Thank you for the instructions and especially the photos.

  3. Thank you for your helps so much!