Tuesday, May 7, 2013

May The 4th Be With You...

May 4th was Star Wars Day.
Anyone who is a Star Wars fan probably already knew this.
My boys have always been HUGE Star Wars fans.
From the time they were able to sit still, they started watching Star Wars movies.
The actual feature films, the cartoon series, the books, the toys, birthday party themes, bedroom decor...you name it, they've had it.
As they've gotten older, they've developed other interests too...but we have a huge tote in the basement full of their old Star Wars Legos, action figures, light sabers, and blasters!
I don't think those will ever be going anywhere.
I'm assuming we'll probably be waiting to see if their children will enjoy them someday.
So for Star Wars Day, I decided to try my hand at some cookies.
I had some cookies in the freezer and some leftover icing that needed using and I "played".
They didn't come out perfect.
But they were fun to attempt and play with.
I'm not sure the "Force" was with me as I decorated these cookies, LOL!
It didn't help that my icing was a bit runny either.
But I had fun...and they were tasty!
May The 4th Be With You...ALWAYS.

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