Sunday, April 26, 2015


 I tend to be one of those people who gets stuck in a rut.
And it happened with my cookie decorating.
There are SO many techniques out there, and I haven't tried so many of them.
Like I said, I get stuck in a rut...and more than anything...
It's a little bit of fear...a little bit of laziness...a little bit not wanting to "rock the boat".
Call it what you will...I decided it was time to GET OUT of the rut and start learning new things and trying out some of these techniques that are new to me.
I've had an airbrush for quite some time, but it has always intimidated me a little to be honest.
Well, I got a whole bunch of new stencils at my cookie gathering in Livonia last week, so I decided I needed to give them a whirl.
I dug out my airbrush and got to work.
Once I started playing, it was actually pretty fun.
Granted, I still need some practice to perfect the skill...but hey...
Now I'm afraid I'm going to become addicted to stenciling and I'm going to want ALL of the cool designs out there.
There are so many amazing stencils that are sold by some of the cookiers.
This is just a sample of a few I got in my swag bag last week.
Hopefully, I'll stay OUT of this rut and keep learning new things.
Happy Spring!

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Practice makes perfect...

 I haven't had many ordered lately...which has been a blessing in disguise.
As busy as I've been with school (read killer science class), I probably would have been even more stressed out with more deadlines.  I did indeed finish my term, and was able to go to that amazing cookie gathering over the weekend.  Last night, I had some free time and decided to "play cookies".  I got out my airbrush and some of the new stencils I acquired and did a little practicing.  I am waiting on my new stencil genie to arrive, as I think things will improve vastly once I get that.
After I messed around with the stencils, I did some free-hand airbrushing.  These flowers are nothing special, but I just wanted to "get the feel" of the airbrush more.  It is definitely something that takes some practice.
I have a whole bunch more cookies I made to take to the gathering that I didn't end up using.  I will be doing some more playing/practicing in the next few days...and friends/family reap the rewards of my practice (read lots of cookie snacks)!

Monday, April 20, 2015

Mitten Bakers Cookie Gathering 2015

 This past Saturday was one of the most fun days I've had in a long time.
I went to a "cookie gathering" in Livonia, MI.
It was a day full of friendship, fun, food, learning new techniques, raffles, contests, prizes, and an awesome swag bag!
I belong to a baking group online made up of bakers from all over Michigan and a few from Ohio, Indiana, and Canada.  It was so awesome getting to meet these friends that I've only known online for some time, face-to-face for the first time! 
 This gathering was a first for our group and it came together so quickly and amazingly thanks to our awesome hosts and planners Jen of The Cake Girl and Amanda of Amanda Makes Cakes.  You'd have thought these girls were best friends and event planners.  Little did we know, they had only met in person ONCE and had never done anything like this before!
 Our first demo/class was with Kim of Altered Cookie.  She taught everyone some basic airbrush techniques.
 It was fun seeing how unique everyone's simple flower turned out!
 My flower that I airbrushed.
EVERYONE'S finished product!
My flower didn't quite make the trip home in one piece!
 Most of our day consisted of cookie techniques, but we were lucky enough to have Amanda of Amanda Makes Cakes do a cake pop demo/class for us!  She makes wonderful creations.  Be sure to check out her page!
 My friend and carpool buddy Madri showing off her cake pop skills!
 Waiting for my cake pop to dry!
Everyone playing  working hard!
 Next we got a demo/class with Heather of SugarNosh Treats  on stenciling. 
 We all got to practice using some of our new stencils in our swag bags!
 Working on stenciling.
My "Super Mom" stencil!
 Up next was Lisa of Gigi's Fresh Baked.  
She did a demo/class on painting on cookies.
 This is a technique I've always wanted to learn but have never tried.
My first attempt at painting on cookies.
Next up was royal icing transfers with Melissa of Mel B's Sweets.
 Everyone working/playing.

 We had a catered lunch!
Pasta, salad, breadsticks!
 The theme of the day was Super Heroes.
We had a Super Hero Cookie Contest in which everyone could vote for their favorite entry.
My entry in the contest.
My sweet friend Cathy made this cookie of ME!  LOL! (inside joke)

"Airbrush cleaner"...another inside joke.
My sweet friend Ronee of That's A Nice Cookie custom cookie cutters.
All of our loot from our swag bag!
Special thanks to our sponsors for all of the amazing goodies:

We had such an amazing day.  We left with new knowledge, new goodies/products, and most importantly new friends.  Because as I always say, "Cookie friends are the best friends!"