A little about me...
I am a christian.
I am a wife (since 1993).
A mom (since 1996).
A girly girl (love all things pink, glittery, and pretty!).
I love yellow roses and calla lilies.
 I love cats.
I love coupons.
I love Mackinac Island.
I love Twilight.
I love romantic comedies.
I enjoy growing plants and flowers.
I love snapping pictures (notice I didn't say "photography").
I love dining out.
I am addicted to Facebook.
I hold 2 CDAs (Child Development Associate & Certified Dental Assistant). 
I recently graduated and hold a certificate in medical transcription. 
I am a full time student pursuing my elementary education degree.
I am a loyal friend.
I would do anything for my family.
I love baking and decorating cookies, cakes, and other sweet treats.
I am still learning about baking and decorating and am FAR from being a pro...
But I'm glad you decided to follow my journey.
I welcome any tips, advice, and questions.
If I can help you, or you can help me, let's make each other better bakers/decorators!
Comments are welcome...let's keep it positive and constructive.
Welcome to Sweet Ivy Confections!

A little about Sweet Iv Confections...
Sweet Ivy Confections is my journey of baking...my creative outlet.
I bake and decorate as a hobby and for pure enjoyment.
I do take a limited number of orders from friends, family, acquaintances, and referrals.
Sweet Ivy Confections is a non-profit baking journey of mine.
When I take on a project...I charge only for the cost of ingredients and a minimal set donation for some of my favorite charities and missions.
I give my baking, decorating skills, and time for free.
You can read more on that here:

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