Saturday, March 3, 2012

800 "Likes" Thank-You Giveaway Celebration!


Well we did it folks!
800+ "Likes" on Facebook!
As promised, I am ready to do another giveaway!
This is actually not a Facebook "Likes" giveaway...but more of a THANK-YOU CELEBRATION from me to you.
If it weren't for all of you wonderful moms, dads, kids, and fellow bakers encouraging me...I would have probably given up on baking and decorating, like so many other hobbies I've started.  But thanks to all of your encouraging comments, support, love, AND ORDERS...I've continued my journey and am still seeking to learn more every day!
So I want to say, TO EACH OF YOU...
THANK-YOU from the very bottom of my heart!
And to celebrate, I want to give you the chance to win a little something.
This is just a simple giveaway...just a few things I've been picking up to say thanks and possibly make someone's day a little brighter.  I know giveaways ALWAYS make my day matter WHAT I win!  So without further goes!
First item in the bundle...

A Wilton Candy/Cookie Mold.
I had never seen these.
This mold is for covering your favorite cookie in a candy melt, making a cute candy dipped cookie treat!  How cool is that?  Perfect for parties, showers, celebrations, or just a special treat for your kids!

Next up is...
An Easter Pretzel Mold from Wilton.
I just LOVE the sweet/salty taste of coated pretzels!
I've always dipped my own pretzels, but how cute is this?
EASTER pretzels!
What kid (or adult) won't go ga-ga for this!
Well, we've covered the candy melt/mold area...
Now let's move on to cookie making!
Next in the bundle is two Easter cookie cutters.
One cross.
Ya gotta have sugar cookies for Easter!
The next item isn't really a baking item...
Although, you might need them "after" you get done eating to wipe your hands on!
This is a purse size package of Easter "naps".
The package says "hankies" when I first picked them up, I thought they were purse sized tissues.  But after further examining them, they look quite thick...more like a napkin...which is why I've been calling them "naps".
I say use them or call them whatever you want.
It never hurts to have extra napkins and/or tissues in your purse for emergencies...and these are so dang cute!
Next up...
Two spools of Easter ribbon!
Perfect for tying up all your Easter goodie bags full of cookies and treats!
I have to appologize for my poor quality photos.
I wish these hadn't turned out so poorly.
This is where you can all leave messages all over my baking page BEGGING my husband to buy me a new camera!  Hahaha!
And last of all...
One package of jellybean cupcake liners!
Perfect for doing all your Easter baking in.
Well...that wraps up this giveaway!
I hope you like all the goodies!
The great thing have MORE THAN ONE way to enter!
Read on for all your opportunities!
1.  REQUIRED ENTRY:  Leave a comment here on my blog telling me your very favorite dessert.  Be specific.  Is it something you make?  A family recipe?  Or something you always get at your favorite restaurant?  Is it a cookie, cupcake, cheesecake, candy?  Let me hear it!

2. ADDITIONAL ENTRY #2:  Follow my blog!  You can sign up right here through Google or you can sign up on Facebook through the Networked Blogs application.  If you already follow me, just let me know!

3.  ADDITIONAL ENTRY #3:  "Like" my Facebook page!  If you already do, just let me know you do!

4.  ADDITIONAL ENTRY #4:  Follow me on Twitter at:  Sweet_Ivy_Conf
If you already follow me on Twitter, just let me know!

5.  ADDITIONAL ENTRY #5:  "Share" this giveaway on the social network of your choice and let me know which one you shared on (i.e. Facebook, Twitter, etc.).

6.  ADDITIONAL ENTRY #6:  Bring some friends!  If you can get TWO friends to do one of the following, you can have ONE additional entry!  If they "Like" my Facebook page, follow me on Twitter, or subscribe to my blog...YOU get a 6th entry.  Just leave a comment with their names in the comment section here.

There you have it!
Remember to leave a separate comment for each entry.
Only comments that appear here on the blog will count.
Deadline to enter March 29 midnight EST.
Winner will be announced March 30.

***Easter basket in photo not included.
***And I think I'm requred to say...that this giveaway is not sponsored by anyone...all items were purchased by me because I APPRECIATE YOU ALL SO MUCH!!! :)


  1. My favorite dessert is cake. Any flavor! Just as long as it's cake!!!
    I'm also a FB fan and following you on Google!

  2. Congrats! I'm a facebook fan and will post on my page as well!!! My favorite dessert is homemade peanut butter ice cream! yum-yum!

  3. My fav desert is ANYTHING with chocolate! heheh i know its not yours. ;)

  4. My favorite dessert is chocolate pie hands down. I already follow your blog and like your facebook page! So proud of your work Melody! You do a beautiful job!

  5. Thanks for the giveaway! I am facebook fan also and I LOOOOOOOVE pineapple upside down cake. :)

  6. What a fun giveaway! My favorite dessert ... oh, how to choose? I love me a good apple crisp OR the Maple Blondie dealie at Applebee's!!!!!!!! :D

  7. I follow your blog and I love it! :D

  8. I don't just LIKE your FB page ... I LOVE your FB page! :D

  9. I am a Twitter follower! @KangaMomma

  10. I shared the giveaway on Facebook!

  11. My favorite dessert has to be my carmel apple pie! It's a twist on my grandmother's so it is special to me.

  12. I've shared your giveaway on my FB page!

  13. WOOT! I sent some friends to your FB page ... Sheri Hamer, Kelly Wierda Dennis and there may be more!!!!!

  14. my favorite dessert is the cheesecake i make from my grandmother's recipe.

  15. Congratulations, Melody!! You did it!! and you're just going to keep growing and growing!!! Okay-- my fav. dessert is ...(oh I have just too many, this is hard!)...I will have to say, blueberry pie! I love making it when the berries are in season! So easy to make and so yummy to eat, especially with a dollop of vanilla ice cream on top!! :)

  16. just liked you on facebook!

  17. shared your give away on facebook. <3

  18. I always read your blog, mostly through FB, but also on my RSS feed. I've just joined your "NetworkedBlogs", so I guess I'm following your blog! :)

  19. Have liked your page for a LONG time now!! lol That's 3 for me!! ;)

  20. Just shared ya! That's 4 for me! woo-hoo!! (I'd do twitter, but I'm not a twitterer!) Good luck!!

  21. just followed you on twitter!! <3

  22. yay! i got some friends to like it(john and itza is you need verification?) so i think i've done all six now. congrats on all your likes and i wish you the best in all your ventures. thanks for holding such a cute give away as well.

  23. I am dying to play with the peeps and this fun stuff!!! Who wants to see pictures of Chloe with flour in her hair??? * hand raised!!!

  24. I follow you on Twitter!! I am "aggiesheri"

  25. I follow your blog!

  26. I liked your page of facebook.. I may or may not have ever tried to lick the icing off the

  27. Oops. I forgot. My very favorite dessert is Cherry Cheesecake. Just cheescake period. I make one but have honestly never measured everything out so I can't give you the exact recipe..

    I am ridiculously fond of cupcakes.. those little mini ones everyone is doing now.. lots of frosting, and cake pops are so much fun I want to be a kid again!!

    Red velvet cake/cupcakes.. uummm yummmm!!!

  28. I am tweeting about this give away RIGHT NOW!!!!

  29. Ok You know I LIKE you! Your my baking expert. My favorite dessert is Snickerdoodles! I have yet to try & make them myself. I like your page when you first posted it. I also follow yo on Pinterest. I signed up for your blog. I posted your feed on my page. As for the friends. I can't give you names yet. But I will when they like this! Love ya girl!