Thursday, January 16, 2014

Steppin' Out In Style...The Bridal Collection

 Loved doing these heels!
These were for an upcoming bridal shower.
 I have always loved the look of matter what kind of cookie I'm doing.
 I was given free reign on these to do whatever I wanted.
I love when that happens.
 Nearly every heel is different.
I did some in the same patterns.
But it was so much fun just piping whatever came to mind on each shoe.
 I used pearl dragees on them too.
Tried to keep them very elegant and classy.
 I did classic pumps, sling-backs, and ankle straps.
 I also used some edible luster dust to give all a nice shimmer!
 The shimmer doesn't really show up in the photos, but it was a nice touch.
 I packaged them in pretzel rod bags.
They were such a delicate cookie, I broke FOUR heels in the process of bagging them!
Glad I made extras!  Ha!
Congratulations to the lovely bride!
I hope everyone enjoys the cookies at the shower!

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