Tuesday, April 22, 2014


I know...
Long time, no blog.
And to think...
I wasn't even going to make Easter cookies.
Until my husband said, "What?  You're not going to make the daycare kids Easter cookies?"
I had to make my 'littles' some cookies.
I attempted my new airbrush for the first time with some stencils.
Although I will say that is DOES take some practice...
I wanted to spray EVERYTHING, LOL!
I don't really know why I was so intimidated by it!
These little "stacked" cookies were fun to make.
I made large Easter egg cookies and then added a mini to the middle of them.
The kids really enjoyed them.
Then I did some simple crosses and a few sugar coated bunnies and chicks.
Nothing extravagant but the kids loved them none the less.
I hope you all had a very blessed Easter with your family and friends!
I am definitely looking forward to warmer weather!
Bring it!

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