Sunday, July 13, 2014

Wedding Belle's!

How did I forget to blog about these beauties?
I had the wonderful opportunity to work with a very kind mother of groom on these particular cookies.
 It was such a fun job.
I was given pretty much, free reign over the design.
The only request was "wedding gowns" and "wedding cakes" with hints of pink.
 Some cookiers enjoy KNOWING EXACTLY what they're going to do.
They enjoy being given a design to follow.
Me?  No way.
Some of my best work comes from when I just let loose and those creative juices start flowing.
 Many of my fellow cookie baking friends all sketch their designs before decorating.
I have never been one to do that.
I "do" get somewhat of a design in my head...but I never sketch.
 I just kind of let my hands go...and see what turns out.
That was the case with these dresses and cakes.
 It was so much fun.  Pretty much each dress was unique...with maybe a few being similar.
 The wedding cakes were fun too.

 It was kind of like decorating a cake, yet on a cookie!
 These I did in 5 designs.
I was happy with the outcome of all of these.
They were a lot of fun to do.
I wish the new couple a lifetime of health and happiness!


  1. All of them are lovely! So many pretty did a wonderful job!

    1. Thank-you so much Shanna! They were a lot of fun!