Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Practice makes perfect...

 I haven't had many ordered lately...which has been a blessing in disguise.
As busy as I've been with school (read killer science class), I probably would have been even more stressed out with more deadlines.  I did indeed finish my term, and was able to go to that amazing cookie gathering over the weekend.  Last night, I had some free time and decided to "play cookies".  I got out my airbrush and some of the new stencils I acquired and did a little practicing.  I am waiting on my new stencil genie to arrive, as I think things will improve vastly once I get that.
After I messed around with the stencils, I did some free-hand airbrushing.  These flowers are nothing special, but I just wanted to "get the feel" of the airbrush more.  It is definitely something that takes some practice.
I have a whole bunch more cookies I made to take to the gathering that I didn't end up using.  I will be doing some more playing/practicing in the next few days...and friends/family reap the rewards of my practice (read lots of cookie snacks)!

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