Friday, October 4, 2013

Big Changes At Sweet Ivy Confections...My New Mission

Most people who REALLY know me personally will tell you that I HATE change.
It's uncomfortable.
It's difficult.
It's not familiar.
I'd much rather have comfort, ease, and familiar!
But lately, I have been restless in my baking venture.
For two years, I've been learning new skills and growing in my knowledge of cake and cookie decorating.  I have sold some of my work to friends, neighbors, work clients, acquaintances, etc...yet I've still remained...restless and unfulfilled.
I thought and thought, prayed, and thought some more.
I have come to the decision that I'd like to take my baking in a new direction.
I am no longer going to bake for profit (not there was ever much profit involved before).
I had one of those "a-ha moments" last night.
I did some soul-searching and wanted to give back, bless others, and most of all please God in what I do.  I already work a full time job outside of the home in a different field...and I've decided I "ENJOY" baking too much and want to STRICTLY keep it FUN and a HOBBY for myself.  When I was charging a specified rate for cakes or cookies for people, I felt an enormous amount of stress to be perfect.  I cannot do that anymore...because I'm NOT perfect.  I enjoy baking/decorating...I feel God put that passion in my heart...and I want to continue to develop my skills...BUT...I am not going to "make money on it".
You may ask...
Are you going to bake for FREE?
You heard me right!
I am not going to charge for my time and skill going into the cakes and cookies I make.
But what I ask from you, is that you bless someone in return.
Here's what I will be doing...
When I give you an estimate for your dessert...
You will be paying for the cost of your ingredients and then a set donation of your given estimate will go toward missions and charity. 
Since I decided to do this, the pressure and stress to be "perfect" has already lifted off of me.  I want customers to understand that I bake for fun, a creative outlet, a hobby. 
I am excited about changing the direction of Sweet Ivy Confections.
Because God has abundantly blessed my family, I would much rather give my time and talent for free to bless someone else in need.
The stress for perfection has left me.  I feel at peace and I'm excited to bless others while I develop my baking skills!
...It is more blessed to give than to receive.  Acts 20:35


  1. Wow Melody! I love your new mission & the new look of your blog! May God bless you, your efforts and the causes you're supporting. How very generous of you!

    Many Blessings,

    1. Thank-you Heather! I am super excited about my new project and have felt nothing but peace since I came to this decision! :)

  2. My darling cousin! Love you and your amazing heart! You have been a blessing to others your entire life, you are just expanding your blessing base! ;)

    1. You are so sweet Tiff! I love you too! Thank-you for your sweet words! You are a blessing to me!