Tuesday, October 11, 2011

I ((((((heart)))))) Halloween!

I am worse than a kid in a candy shop.
I will admit it.
I guess maybe I never grew up.
I love dressing up (in costume)!
I love digging out all my Halloween shirts and jewelry!
I love pulling out all my decorations for my home and yard!
I love baking and cooking for Halloween!
Next to Christmas and Easter...it's my favorite time of year!
I got some new cookie cutters a couple weeks ago and tried them out this week.
The witches and cauldron were some of my favorites!

As were the bats and black cats!

My youngest son was particularly fond of "Frank" (enstein)...

I didn't do much with these little haunted houses, as I don't really have much experience yet with "detailing" cookies.
But I loved the grave-stone and bats!

I wasn't real thrilled with the jack-o-lanterns either, but my son loved them...so that's all that matters in my book, LOL!

The candy corns were A LOT of fun!
Though they did turn out nearly flourescent!  LOL!
I'm hoping to do another "round" of Halloween cookies soon...
Planning to make some for my son's class party and also my daycare kiddos!
More pics to come soon!

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  1. Your cookies are getting me in the Halloween mood! I love Halloween, too - SOOO much fun! Love your assortment - and I'm partial to the Frankenstein cookie, too!