Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Sweet 16!

 Sweet 16...
Do you say "Sweet 16" for a guy?
"Suave 16"..."Super 16"..."Stylin' 16"...
Ok...I'm sure at this point my son would tell me I'm being rather corny and to knock it off, LOL!
My son is turning 16 and it is time to celebrate!
 My son isn't a big cake eater.
He's not into my decorated sugar cookies.
He a simple kid.
He requested a giant chocolate chip cookie pie for his 16th birthday.
(Yes...Sweet Ivy Confections can make one for you too!)
I offered to put some more decorations on it.
But like I son is a "simple" kid.
A "less is more" kinda kid.
But is his favorite color, so I did the writing in blue.
It turned out really yummy.
We served it warm with ice cream and hot fudge.
It was quite the dessert!
And if you're wondering...Sweet Ivy DOES take orders for giant cookie pies!
This is a 15 inch chocolate chip cookie pie.
We can also do other flavor cookies and a variety of decorations, lettering for you!
Happy 16th birthday Evan!
And...stay off the roads my friends...he's drivin' now too!
Just kidding...kinda...hehe!

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