Friday, October 19, 2012

Lions and Tigers and...COOKIES...oh my!

Lions and Tigers and...COOKIES...oh my!
What a fun-filled sports themed cookie week it's been!
My hubby should be thrilled with the cookies that have been created this week!
His beloved Detroit Lions and Detroit Tigers!
Although...none of them were for him, LOL!

The first order...the Detroit Lions football cookies were for a birthday order placed by a friend of mine for her son.
I have attempted the Lion on cakes before and even now that I have a still creates challenges for me.

I told my hubby, "I think we in Michigan have THE most difficult mascot in the NFL!"
That dang Lion is a stinker to pipe!

I managed and I am by no means a pro, but I think he turned out ok.
I really hope my friend and her son are happy with them.
I always worry to death each time I make cookies for someone.
"Will they be happy with them?"
"Do they think they're pretty?"
"Are they what they expected?"
"Did I disapoint them?"
"Do they taste ok?"

Well...I suppose all one can do is their best...right?
My motto here at Sweet Ivy Confections is:
Whatever your hand finds to do, do it with all your might. Ecclesiastes 9:10
If one is doing their best...God will do the rest.
That's what Pastor Dalaba always told us!

They were a fun cookie to make!
Go Lions!

Can I get a holla???
World Series bound, eh?
Oh yeah!
What say you my fellow Michiganders?
Pretty awesome, huh?
These were even MORE fun to make due to the recent win!

We have friends coming up this weekend and they are Tiger fans as well, so I decided to make a platter for them.
I was pretty pleased with these.

Good luck Tigers!
You can do it!
Make us proud!

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