Thursday, November 29, 2012

Ninja Bread Men

This was a fun batch of cookies.
I did these for my nephew's birthday.
He loves Ninjago (did I spell that right?)...
So I decided to haul out the Ninja Bread cookie cutters that I won in a giveaway and had never used yet!
I won these cutters about a year ago or so and I can't believe I hadn't used them yet!
They were so much fun!
I looked up Chinese characters on Google to find some words I wanted to pipe on the cookies.
I hope I got them right!
The red circle cookie on the left is the number "9".
The white circle cookie in the center says, "Happy Birthday".
And the red circle cookie on the right says, "Logan".
...or at least I "HOPE" that's what they say, LOL!
Hope you enjoyed these Logan!

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