Saturday, August 3, 2013

Because Sometimes Life Just Calls For Sprinkles!

I don't know if many of my "cookie idols" (decorators) would agree with me on this one.
But sometimes, life just calls for no icing...and SPRINKLES...a whole LOT of SPRINKLES.
When I shared with several of my fellow cookie decorating friends that my husband and two sons don't like decorated iced cookies, I was met with...HORROR!
"What?!?  They don't like iced cookies?!?"
"How can they not like decorated cookies?!?"
"You're kidding, right?!?  You're kidding?!?"
No.  I'm not kidding, LOL!
My three guys don't like iced decorated cookies.
I've tried a variety of icings, glazes, and butter cream...and they just are NOT decorated cookie kinda guys.

 Give them a simple sugar cookie, butter cookie, or shortbread cookie with a dusting of sanding sugar or sprinkles...and they're happy as a lark!
Last night I was working on some cookies for the last giveaway I had, and I had some extra cookie dough.
 With this extra dough, I cut out a variety of shapes from cutters I'd never used, baked them, and put them in the freezer for future practice.
But I "still" had leftover dough...and very little freezer space left.
Time to get creative.
So, I just rolled the dough into walnut-sized balls, placed them in a dish of sprinkles, and pushed firmly to flatted them...and...
Little mini-sprinkle cookies!
My oldest son was THRILLED.
He said to me, "I had to stop at two since it's almost dinner time."
No, they're not fancy...but they're FUN!
Sprinkles make me HAPPY!
I love sprinkles!
Because sometimes...Life Just Calls For Sprinkles!

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