Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Floral Fun & Butterfly Bliss...

 This was the set I ended up doing for the winner of my two year anniversary giveaway.
The recipient received these pink and orange flowers and butterflies.
 I love it when I get free reign over choosing what theme of cookies I get to make.
 Inevitably I always lean toward florals!
 ...and butterflies!
 What can I say?
I'm just a flowery kinda gal, LOL!
I also added some squares in the same color palette in a variety of patterns.
 These flowers were inspired by the lovely Sugarbelle
Her work is much more lovely than mine.
But she remains one of my cookie idols.
 I enjoyed doing these butterflies.
I put very little detail on the small ones...but the larger ones, I had fun doing a lot of tiny scroll-work.
This watering can was not my best piece of work.
It was the first time I had ever done one, and you can tell...my hand was a little shaky in some spots!  But all in all, I think they turned out pretty good.
The winner enjoyed them and from what I hear, they all arrived in one piece!
What are you baking these days?

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