Friday, April 29, 2016

A Little This & That...

 So, I have been a VERY (with a capital V) bad blogger lately!
But I'm back and I've got a few goodies to share with you! I said, I've been very this will take us all the way back to Christmas!
I know...REALLY bad.
So starting with the most recent (above)...
These were some cake pops I did recently for a baby shower.
They were white cake dipped in white chocolate with a pretty yellow drizzle and navy blue ribbon for accent.
 Chocolate covered strawberries were a new request for me!
A couple co-workers asked me about this and I thought it would be a fun thing to try.
I think they turned out pretty!
These were for an anniversary.
 This platter and the following bouquet were for a co-worker who was going on maternity leave.
A sweet baby girl to celebrate!
The cookies were my butter-vanilla flavor.
I iced these with glaze instead of royal icing.
The platter of cookies was for a potluck we had for the momma-to-be.
I made up this bouquet as a gift for her to take home.
I included some butter-vanilla cookies and also some cake pops as well.

Valentine's Day wasn't too terribly busy for me this year.
This is actually when I got my first request for those chocolate covered strawberries I mentioned above.  These were requested by another co-worker for his sweetheart.

 And another co-worker requested cake pops for his sweetie!
These were red velvet...a new popular request!

 I celebrated MY birthday in February as well.
I normally don't bake myself a cake...however, this particular year, I was craving cake.
So, what do you do when you're the baker?
Make yourself a cake!
This was a white cake.  I iced it in classic buttercream.  It was accented with fondant roses.
Pink and favorite colors!
I won't tell you how old I am...
 And lastly...embarrassingly enough...
Some Christmas cookies I never posted, LOL!
These were just some simple sugar cookies that I iced with royal icing and then did some metallic stenciling on.
I really like how the snowflakes turned out.
Well that catches us up for a bit.
Next up...
I have some very pretty spring cookies from a bake sale that I did...
And some pretty girly cookies for an upcoming girl's retreat!
Stay tuned...they're coming!
(I promise.)

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