Friday, May 27, 2016

Spring Time Cookies and Cake Pops!

 I seem to be combining more and more treats together into one post more often than not.
But that's ok.
At least I'm getting them posted!
 I made these for a bake sale at church.
They were inspired by "Bake at 350."
I knew when I volunteered to do them, I wanted something springy.
But...I wasn't sure what I wanted to do.
I began looking for ideas.
When I came across some similar to these, I knew I had to expound on them!
 From the shapes, to the colors, to the designs, to the quotes...
I love everything about them!
And the bake sale was a success!
 These cookies, I made for our Youth Girls Conference at church last month.
Their theme was "Beautifully Beloved."
 The colors were pink and gold.
Ms. Kate gave me free reign on the design...(I love it when people do that!)
I had a lot of fun adding the metallic gold touches at the end! 
 Honestly, the pictures don't do them justice.
They turned out so cute!
 I hope the girls enjoyed receiving and eating them as much as I enjoyed making them!
 And I hope they all know how "Beautifully Beloved" and special they are!

 Up next...cake pops!
 These were done for a bridal shower.
They were white cake, dipped in white chocolate, and  drizzled with a variety of colors.
These, I made for my momma for Mother's Day.
They were white cake with chocolate chip and dipped in milk chocolate and sprinkles.
I told her the only stipulation was, she had to share with dad, ha!
Well, that's all for now!
Stay tuned for more upcoming treats!
And as always, if I can ever assist you with desserts and treats for your upcoming event, don't hesitate to contact me!

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