Friday, August 12, 2011

My best yet...

As a newbie baker/decorator, I am very critical of my work.

When I completed this floral cookie pop BIRTHDAY bouquet, I was SO proud of it!

I felt I had put my all into it.

Two days worth of work.

I was excited about the recipient getting it.

But some drama entailed.

Teenage drama.

And the recipient didn't want the gift.

It hurt my feelings a bit.

And technically, it wasn't even ME giving the gift.

It was one of my family members.

But after feeling sorry for myself and all the work I put into it...

I listened to my youngest son when he said, "LET'S JUST EAT IT MOM!"
And so we did.
The happy ending to an unhappy story.


  1. Awwww....I'm sorry for drama. Especially FAMILY drama. At least you were able to enjoy your work and your sweet family did too!

  2. Kids always come up with the BEST solutions!! :) Your bouquet was beautiful!! I'd eat it, too!