Monday, August 22, 2011

My Baby's Birthday Celebration...

Sunday we celebrated my youngest son's birthday early with the grandparents.
I had fun making some "pre-cake treats".
Who says you can't have dessert appetizers?

I did some white chocolate dipped strawberry marshmallows covered in sprinkles.
(Because sprinkles make EVERYTHING more fun!)

We also had some cake pops dipped in white chocolate with  a dash of sprinkles of course!

And some white chocolate dipped pretzels...with sprinkles!
Nate also requested I set out a bowl of his Disney Cars 2 marshmallows to go along with his Cars 2 "theme".

Nate is the only one in our family who doesn't like cake.
So he requested an ice cream cake.
No problem I thought!

It started melting as I was decorating.
I would decorate, freeze, decorate, freeze.
But this wasn't it enough.
It was still getting runny.

So I finally gave up for the night.
Put it back in for another nine hours and started fresh in the morning.
My next frustration was that the buttercream frosting would FREEZE and solidify before I could spread it!
Yes, it was stressful.
Is it perfect?
But was my baby happy?
And I would do anything to make my babies happy.
His joy was worth every bit of stress I endured.
I (((heart))) my babies!

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  1. What a sweet article!! You will need to print this out and stick it in his baby book! :) The cake turned out PERFECT!! It's awesome!! And I love your dessert appetizers!