Monday, March 19, 2012

Bunny Cookie Cupcake Toppers And Springtime Cupcakes!

I volunteered to make cupcakes for my youngest son's yearly Fun Night (school carnival) this year as I always do.

A lot of people just run to the grocery store and pick up a box of "fluffy" decorated cupcakes.

And although I'm very grateful that they donate...I don't like taking the easy way out.
I'm always up for a challenge...because we all know I have so much time on my hands...NOT!

I decided to make the famous SugarBelle's Bunny Cookie Cupcake Toppers.
They were a lot of fun to create.
And although mine didn't turn out quite like hers...I still think they turned out pretty cute.
What really made my night...was that both platters of mine...
Woot woot!
Out of hundreds of platters of cupcakes...the first two winners of the game actually grabbed my bunnies first!
How cool was that!
I guess they were a hit with the kids!

I only needed to take twelve cupcakes (two platters of six) to the Fun Night...
So I had extra cupcakes leftover.

So I just swirled some buttercream icing on them and added four different shades of sprinkles in springtime colors!

The fam is always happy to take care of my leftovers.

As are the little kiddos I watch...
Who doesn't enjoy cupcakes for snack?

Tomorrow is the first day of spring!
What baking projects do you have on the agenda for spring/Easter?

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