Saturday, March 24, 2012

National Girls Ministries of the Assemblies of God...

A couple weeks ago, I did a post on some cookies I made for the Royal Rangers (a program through our church similar to boy scouts).
This week, a friend asked me to make some (Missionettes) Girls Ministries cookies (our girls program).
The rose emblem is for the "Girls Only" club...the oldest group.

The butterfly emblem is for the "Friends" club.

These are for the "Stars" club.

These are the "Prims" club cookies.

These are for the younger girls "Daisies".

And last but not least...the youngest group..."Rainbows" club.
This was the first time I ever shipped cookies to anyone.
I was terrified!
I studied half a dozen packaging/shipping tutorials from all the top "cookiers" in the business!
I did everything they said!
I bubble wrapped, I used packing peanuts, I used newspaper, I double-boxed...
I did it all.
None of the cookies broke!
There was an issue with the royal icing.
There was a little chip in one area of the white and then the blue piping on the daisies didn't set too well my friend informed me.
I don't know if it was bumped around too much or if weather affected it?
This was an experiment, I tell ya.
Now I know.
My friend was happy and said the ladies loved them.
So that made me happy.
The stress of worrying if they'd arrive in one piece, and then hearing the icing didn't "enjoy" the ride, makes me think twice about shipping more in the future.
And it is very pricey to do so as well.
Something to think about...


  1. Beautiful! I'm the Girls Ministry coordinator at the church I attend. I love these!! Great job! How fun!

  2. I came across your site while looking for cookies to do for our awards ceremony coming up soon. You did a fantastic job!