Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Spring Has Sprung! (Entering The World Of Glaze Icing!)

This past weekend Sweet Ivy entered a whole new realm of icing.
I have always used Royal Icing on my cookies for decorating in the past...
But was never quite happy with the taste and the dryness of it.

I learned that more and more cookie decorating artists are moving into glaze for their cookies.

I gave it a whirl this past weekend!

I love the shine/sheen that you get with glaze icing!
When using royal icing, it tends to dry to a dull "matte" finish.
With the glaze, it tends to keep that nice shine!

And not only does the glaze "look" better on the cookies...
I have found a recipe that is DIVINE!
It is so much better tasting than royal (to me).

Glaze is a softer icing.
It will firm up enough so that cookies can be stacked or packaged, but it isn't near as hard as royal icing.

I will not be discontinuing royal icing!
Many customers LOVE the taste and texture of royal.
It will be totally up to each individual customer.
I will be doing more "flooding" in glaze...and probably doing much of my "detail" work with royal.  The royal icing IS better for fine details and piping lettering as well.
So now there are two options for your cookies!
Why not try out both!

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