Thursday, May 31, 2012

Thank-You Lincoln Elementary...Cookies For A Decade Of Learning!

We are closing another chapter in our life in The James Family.
This is our last year...last Lincoln Elementary.

Ten years...ten...LONG...years, LOL!
When someone saw "10 years of learning" on that cookie, they asked, "Did someone fail a couple grades?"  LOL!
My oldest finished grades 1-5 and then right as he moved on to middle school, my youngest started up with grade one...and is now finishing grade 5.

We've been with Lincoln for 10 years...learned a lot, had lots of fun, built frienships, made memories, and more.

I made this platter for the entire staff of the school.
I will take them to the office and ask them to place them in the teacher's lounge for everyone to share.

I did these in a classic sugar cookie with royal icing.
The weather (heat and humidity) gave me some fits with the royal icing.
If you look closely, you'll see my icing did some bubbling/separating.

But all in all, they turned out ok.
I think the staff will enjoy them.
I flavored both the cookies and the icing with almond extract, which has become my new all-time favorite flavor extract.

These two goodie bags went to our bus driver and also my youngest son's classroom teacher this year.
It's been a long road...but we did it!
Good bye and we'll miss you!!!

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