Sunday, May 20, 2012

Tulip Time 2012

I'm a bit behind on this blog Tulip Time is already over, LOL!
However I did make cookies to celebrate Tulip Time here in Holland, MI.
Baking has been rather slow around here lately.
Haven't had a lot of orders.
And I haven't been "practicing" because the hubby and I are dieting and exercising...
And my boys are not big sugar cookie eaters.

I made these just for the fun of it for Tulip Time and my daycare kids enjoyed them for snack .
This was my third attempt at glaze icing.
I have to say, piping intricate details hasn't gotten any easier for me.
I think I shall forever be a royal icing gal.
Happy Tulip Time!

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  1. They're super cute, Mel! I think those are great reasons not to be baking too many sweets, though. :) Good for you!! Tulips are my favorite flower -- I love how you made them! ~ Kara