Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Awesome Apples...Nothing Fancy, But Ohhh So Good! (New Recipe)

 Are you ready?
Sweet Ivy has found a new recipe for our classic sugar cookies...
Because as my hubby always says, "What good are PRETTY cookies if they don't TASTE GOOD?"
I have to agree.
I've been trying to master the art of "pretty" cookies...but all the while, my hubby has told me I need to find "that special recipe" to make my cookies...
Well...I think I've found it!
These apple cookies are nothing special to look at...but I debuted my new recipe with these cookies and they are delicious! 
Couple that with my new "glaze" icing...and we have got one AWESOME tasting cookie!
My hubby and sons have never been big sugar cookie eaters, but since I made these with the new recipe and glaze...they can't stop eating them!
We hope you like our new recipes and will try some soon!
I will be using this recipe with ALL of my custom decorated cookies from now on.
I can't wait to hear from you!

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