Monday, August 27, 2012

Time For Ice Cream Cake...Again!

As you may or may not remember from last year's post on my baby's birthday...he's not a fan of traditional "cake".  Yes...I know what you're thinking.  How can the son of a baker not like cake?  Well...he doesn't...and that is that, LOL! Try as I may to get him to like sculpted cakes, cupcakes, cake truffles, cake pops...he just doesn't like cake.
What he DOES ICE CREAM "cake".
And so that has become the new tradition on his birthday.
I don't do a traditional ice cream "cake" with cake in it...because as I said...he doesn't like cake.
I do an Oreo cookie crust, chocolate ice cream, fudge center, more Oreos, vanilla ice cream, and then a buttercream design.
This is what he likes.
I learned last year...that no matter how solid frozen your ice cream cake is never frozen as solid as Dairy Queen's and you should NOT attempt to remove it from the pan to decorate it.
It spells disaster.
So this year, I just left it in the pan and decorated it in there.
He is on a Disney Cars kick right that is the theme we did.
I am not encouraging my boys to grow up too fast.
Yes, he turned 12...but if the boy likes Disney movies still...I'm all for it!
We celebrated with Geeg and Papa.
We went to Craig's Cruisers to "play" for a while.
Had dinner at Texas Roadhouse.
Then came home for cake and pressies.
It was a nice celebration.
I love you Natee!
Happy birthday!

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