Monday, January 28, 2013

Strawberry Gooey Butter Cookies (Inspired by Cookies & Cups)

 I used to be one to always try new things.
If something sounded good at a restaurant, I was up for trying it!
They I'd be disappointed and wish I'd have stuck with my tried and true favorite meal.
If I found a new recipe, I jumped at it!
But now...I'm more cautious.
Something has to REALLY jump out at me for me to try something new.
 When I saw this recipe for Strawberry Gooey Butter Cookies by "Cookies & Cups", I KNEW I had to try it!
First off, just the name of it reminded me of one of my favorite "old-fashioned" recipes I grew up with that my mom always made..."Gooey Butter Cake".
When I saw the word "strawberry" added to it...I KNEW I had to try it!
 Well...let me tell you...
These cookies are GOOD STUFF!
You've got to try them!
They are like little mini strawberry cakes!
If you don't follow "Cookies & Cups" blog, you need to!
She's great!
You can find the recipe for these amazing cookies on her blog right here.
Now go try these...and come back and tell me if you don't think they're the best little strawberry cookies you ever ate!
And then be sure to thank "Cookies & Cups" for sharing this awesome recipe!

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