Friday, January 25, 2013

Valentine's Cake Truffles

 I always feel so behind during each of the holidays compared to all of the other bakers.
I see the cakes, cookies, and other treats being posted weeks, even months, in advance.
Me, I'm lucky if I get mine posted BY the holiday itself, or even after in some cases!
But then again...I don't just bake.
I work a full time day job 55+ hours a week in the early childhood field and am taking medical transcription classes...
So maybe that will excuse my tardiness...just a wee bit?
I haven't had a whole lot of orders lately, so I've mostly been baking for fun.
My husband requested some cake truffles.
 What are cake truffles?
Basically they are cake pops without the stick!
Many people refer to them as "cake balls"...but I never liked that word.
(Always thought it sounded rather crass.)
Then one day, my good friend and fellow baker Sandra who's work I admire so much, told me that she referred to them as "cake truffles".
Sounds MUCH more classy!
"Elegant" Sandra says...hehe!
I have to agree.
Cake balls...NO...Cake TRUFFLES...YES!
 When making cake pops and cake truffles, I do mine a little different.
I don't use the traditional cake/icing mixture.
I am not a fan of very "rich" sweet desserts.
And the traditional cake pop mixture was just too gooey for me.
So for these, I used my BabyCakes machine.
BabyCakes cake pops and cake truffles are strictly cake...which I love.
For these I used a Funfetti cake batter (white with sprinkles) and then dipped them in white chocolate.  For half of them I added some pink tint to the white chocolate.
Add a few red/pink sprinkles...and...voila!
Valentine cake truffles!

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  1. Melody I really enjoyed this post. I work full-time & it is a struggle to keep up with other bloggers. I feel like if I don't post holiday ideas a month before the holiday that they will be old news. I was on top of it for Valentine's Day this year. The other holidays this year we'll just have to wait & see. Thanks for linking up :)