Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Cake Truffles

 So...this is another "pre"-post to the big project I've been working on all week.
I still can't reveal pictures of the "main" part of the project because the recipient hasn't received them yet...and let's face it...surprises are always so much fun!
I decided to toss in some cake truffles along with the gift basket I'm working on.
I started out with the idea of just doing cookies in the basket, but I thought it would be fun to throw in some cake truffles as filler too! 
 I don't make "traditional" cake pops or cake truffles like most people do.
A "traditional" cake pop or cake truffle is crumbled cake pieces with frosting stirred in to form a gooey mixture that is then dipped in melted chocolate.
 Many folks enjoy this mixture.  For me personally, it is WAY too sweet and rich.  For that reason, I have always done strictly "cake" in my cake pops and cake truffles.
No frosting mixed in.  It's all up to personal taste. :)
 I've always thought cake truffles were the perfect bite-size snack.
Total portion control.
But let's face it, who can eat just one?
 These were a white confetti cake and then dipped in white chocolate.
Stay tuned for the pictures of the final project!
Chat soon!


  1. These look amazing Melody and the photos are so beautiful!

    Have a Sweet Day!

    1. Thank-you so much Heather! I have been admiring your strawberry jello salad...I'd like to try that out! :)