Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Cotton Candy Creations...

Since I started my cookie decorating journey two years ago, I have pretty much baked from scratch.  But I have to admit I am all about convenience, ease, shortcuts, and LOVE Sandra Lee's "Semi-Homemade".  Every once in a while...a new product comes out and I HAVE to try it.  A couple weeks back, I was at Target and saw Betty Crocker's Cotton Candy cookie mix and frosting...exclusive to Target.  I LOVE cotton candy, so I  knew I had to try it.  It sat in my cupboard for a few weeks...I went on vacation...and then I saw that fellow cookier Cristin, of Cristin's Cookies
had tried the mix.   I decided it had set around long enough and I got excited and decided I needed to try it too.  If you're not familiar with Cristin's Cookies
you should definitely check her out.  She decorates adorable cookies, has great tutorials, and sells her cookie cutters as well!
So anywho...back to the cookies!
My youngest son doesn't even like sugar cookies (go figure) but he loves cotton candy...and he actually ENJOYED these cookies!
 They are a very SWEET cookie.  More so than your typical sugar cookie.  My whole house smelled of cotton candy (I thought).  And as I mentioned, my son doesn't care for sugar cookies and will usually groan, "Ugh" when I bake sugar cookies, but when I baked this flavor, he was intrigued and said, "Ummm, what's that smell!" 
 I really enjoyed them because I am not a royal icing fan (although I do decorate with it a lot)...I enjoyed the creaminess of this frosting.  It was a nice switch!
Because the cookies and frosting are so sweet, I only frosted the top half of the cookie, making it look like puffs of cotton candy.
I didn't make these "fancy"...there's nothing exquisite about them...they're just fun and yummy!  I'm not sure how long these will last (if they're limited edition or not)...but you might want to run to Target and try them for yourself if you like cotton candy.  Leave me a comment if you try them and tell me what you think!  
Happy baking!

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  1. These came out perfect Melody! I can't believe you have a son that doesn't like sugar cookies. That would be difficult with all the baking we do, but of course, there are always PLENTY of people to give cookies to! I love how you decorated your cotton candy cookies! And thanks for the shout-out!