Monday, September 16, 2013

A "Toy Story/Buzz Lightyear" Birthday Theme...

I was super excited when one of my daycare clients asked me to do the desserts for her daughter's birthday party.  However, a little apprehensive when I found out it was "character" cookies and cake.  It's not that I dislike character cakes/cookies...I really love them and they're a lot of fun.  However...there is a lot of pressure to make the end result look identical to the character.  People have expectations as to what the character should look do I.  This means that I am VERY critical of my work.  I am constantly critiquing my work.  It's a tough balance.  But I have to say, in the end, for an amateur...I was happy with the results of this cake and cookies.
 This was a chocolate cake with homemade classic buttercream icing.

 I made a frozen buttercream transfer for Buzz.  I have to admit, I was terrified.  I have only done 3 or 4 FBTs since I started cake decorating.  The first was a total flop (if you remember the Detroit Lions story).  But I have since learned the tricks of the trade thanks to several of my baking buddies and the last several I've done have turned out great!  As I peeled the wax paper off of Buzz, my heart was stomach was in knots...but alas...SUCCESS!
 This was the transfer I piped before freezing it.

Next came the cookies!  I am never satisfied with my character cookies.
And although I got loads of compliments on them when I posted the pictures on Facebook, I still am my own worst critic.
Jessie gave me the most trouble.  Her mouth was very difficult to master for me.
And then of course, my husband had to point out, that I gave her blue eyes instead of green!  Oh my in the world did I screw that one up!?!
Hopefully no one else noticed...except that I just told everyone on the world wide web now, LOL!

Hopefully the birthday girl enjoyed her treats.
I had a blast making them.
Happy birthday Addison!


  1. Wow these are soo cute! I am loving the little pig ones, hes my favourite in toy story lol!

    Lorraine x

  2. Thanks so much Lolli! I love the Pig in Toy Story too! :)

  3. Oh Lordy, you sound just like me! I just had to laugh because I do the same thing. I had posted some cookies with spider webs and that was the first time I had bleeding. So of course I said something about it. And everyone said I thought it was made like that and it doesn't look like bleeding. I told my husband I should have kept my big mouth closed. .... lol I guess all men are the same because my husband will do me the same way. But you gotten love them❤ by the your cookies turn out great! It looks like I wrote you a dang letter ....hehehe ��