Monday, November 18, 2013

Sci-Fi/Fantasy Themes...

 I was recently challenged.
Well, let's face an amateur cookie decorator...anything is a challenge.
But this theme was totally out of my league, as I'm not much of a sci-fi gal.
But when my friend contacted me and asked if I'd make cookies for her fiance'...I jumped at the chance because I'm always up for a challenge!
 I only did one dozen cookies.
But within that dozen, I did FOUR different themes.
I don't usually do that many different themes in one set, but like I said...I was up for a challege!

 First up, was The Lord Of The Rings.
I've seen the movie, but like I said...I'm not really into this genre...the real reason I watched the movie until the end was simply because Orlando Bloom was in it...albeit an elf...but a hunky one that!  I wasn't quite sure how to do the ring on this cookie.  So, for the first time...I did some PAINTING!  No, it's not that great...but it was a fun attempt at using a brush!
 I piped a shell border around all of the cookies.  I'd never done this before and really liked the way it turned out.
Next up was Star Trek.
Again, I'm not a Trekkie...but I knew enough about the theme to get by.
Yes, that's "supposed" to be Mr. Spock, LOL!

 We move along to Star Wars.
Now this one, I know a "little" more about, as my sons are TOTAL Star Wars fanatics.
Although I didn't know what the two symbols on these cookies were until my friend explained them to me, ha!  I'm better at naming the characters, LOL!

Now that's something I'd NEVER heard of.
I had to do some "Googling" on this one.
I went with the only items I could find on Google, LOL!

The cookies are due to arrive tomorrow via FedEx to my friend.
I hope her fiance' likes them!
Happy birthday!
And God Bless!

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