Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Happy Halloween!

Even if I don't have any orders...
I just can't seem to let a holiday go by without making some cookies.
My "littles" that I watch during the day are always happy to be my taste testers!
Snack-time rolls around and even the littlest ones will say, "Cookie?!?"
They've come to expect Ms. Melody's cookies, LOL!
I didn't go all out fancy with this batch.
I knew they weren't for an order, so there weren't any "expectations".
I just had fun and added lots of sanding sugar, jimmies, and sprinkles.
The "littles" prefer FUN over FANCY anyway!
And although I do have an appreciation for cookie art...when I'm EATING a cookie, the good old fashioned frosted ones with sprinkles are by far my favorite!

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