Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Merry (early) Christmas!

 I probably have more Christmas cookie cutters than any other holiday (or maybe all holidays combined).  I LOVE CHRISTMAS!  Even though I have so many Christmas cutters, I'm still always at a loss as to what shapes and designs to do each year.  I obviously can't do ALL of them.  I simply don't have the time or space for that.  So I try to limit myself to a few select designs and stick with a color palette of maybe 3-4 colors.
 I am still relatively new to airbrushing, but decided I wanted to attempt some stenciling on these.  I bought a new chevron pattern stencil and tried it out on a few of these plaques.  It definitely takes some practice.  Airbrushing is an art for sure...and I haven't quite mastered it!  Ha!
 Even though I have so many Christmas cutters, I still revert back to a lot of the same shapes.  I LOVE doing plaques.  I have four that I picked up a couple years ago, but Wilton came out with a new set this Christmas, and of course, I had to have them!
It was a cute little set of three.  I had fun putting messages on them and stenciling patterns on them.
 I love doing these trees.  I saw some similar to these on Pinterest a couple years ago and did my own variation.  Now they've become a staple in my Christmas "go to" repertoire.
I always love doing snowflakes too.  I think I enjoy them so much because, naturally, every single one is different, and I like not being limited to making the same design over and over and over again!  I'll have more Christmas designs coming, so stay tuned!  I hope you're enjoying your holiday season!  Stay warm and cozy!

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