Sunday, December 28, 2014

Lions vs Packers...Football Cookies!

 Today we went to our friends' home for our annual (post) Christmas get-together.
As it happened...the Lions and Packers were playing today.
My hubby...HUGE Lions fan.
Most of our friends are Lions fans...with a sprinkling of Packer fans in the mix.
 To say my hubby dislikes the a HUGE understatement, LOL!
You know how when you're a sports fan, and there's usually ONE team you REALLY dislike?
That would be the Packers for my hubby, ha!
We usually all bring a dish to pass at this particular get-together.
And since it turned out to be more of a "football bash" than a (post) Christmas party...
I decided these cookies would be an appropriate dessert!
Unfortunately the Lions we won't talk about that anymore.
Hubby is quietly dealing with his emotions, LOL!
But the cookies were yummy!

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