Tuesday, February 10, 2015

A Bake Sale & A Birthday...

 This past week, our church had a bake sale to benefit the kids' ministry.
I don't have young children involved in the kids' ministry, but I feel strongly about reaching out to our children and young people if I can.  And with my passion for baking/decorating, I was so excited to jump at this opportunity to help out.
 I did a dozen heart mini-packs.  I always love doing mini-packs.  Minis are fun to make and fun to eat!  Some of my baking friends aren't fond of doing minis as they can be intricate and time-consuming, but I love them!  And people seem to really enjoy them too!
 I thought minis would be ideal for any of the kids who bought sweets, minis are just so much fun to pop into your mouth and eat on the go!
 Then I did some medium and large hearts.  These were all done with piped rosettes that I made ahead of time.  I also added some "lace-work" on a few of them.
 I did a little experimenting with my basic sugar cookie recipe and tried out a new flavor.
And as it turned out...I thought they were quite tasty!
The new flavor combination I did was Raspberry-Vanilla Cookies with Raspberry Glaze.
 This flavor will now be a part of my regular offering when clients order.
I had forgotten to share this cake pop bouquet I made last month for a birthday gift!
It was my pastor's wife's birthday and I decided to share a little sweetness with her because she is so sweet!
Happy birthday Ms. Amy!

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