Friday, February 20, 2015

A Few Forgotten Belated Valentine Cookies...

 I always vowed that I would stay on top of my blogging and not be late.
However, we've had some personal/family/health issues going on.
My hubby spent a weekend in the hospital 2 weeks ago with some health concerns...
So I barely squeaked these cookies out on time for my daycare kids Valentine's Day party.
Admittedly, they are not my finest work...but I think my kiddos enjoyed them.
With all that's been going on, I considered postponing the kids party, but I just couldn't disappoint them, so I popped these cookies out pretty quick.  Like I said, not my finest...but the kids were happy...and that makes me happy.

 I run a childcare/preschool business by day and we always try to have special days on holidays.
We did Valentine's Day coloring, stories, treats, and exchanged cards.
The kids all wore red/pink/white.  It was a fun day.
These cookies were also done in my new flavor Raspberry Vanilla with Raspberry Glaze.
My hubby is not a "berry" kind of it wasn't his favorite flavor, but everyone else seemed to really enjoy it.
Things continue to be busy around here...gearing up for baby shower cookies and wedding cake pops!  I will also be taking St. Patrick's Day orders, so if you are in need of a dessert in us today to book your date!
Hope you all are staying warm this winter!

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