Saturday, November 12, 2011

Sweet Ivy's FIRST Real Order!

Well, Sweet Ivy had it's first REAL order this past week!
And although it WAS for a family member...they chose me!

The party invitations were in a pink and green polka dot theme, so it was decided the cake would follow that pattern.

I did a devil's food cake with a vanilla filling.

It was frosted with a classic buttercream icing.

All of the polka dots and trim and also the center pink circle were done in fondant.

Cake pops were also requested as favors/thank-yous for the girls at the party to take home the next day.

I did a cherry chip cake.

Dipped it in white chocolate.

I added pink and green sugar sprinkles.

I attached curly ribbons in various shades of green and white.

I also "tagged" them with "Thank-you, Love Raegan" as they were to be given out before each girl left the next day as a favor/thank-you.

The tags followed the same pink/green polka dot theme as the invitations and cake.

I got a nice thank-you card saying everyone loved the cake and cake pops.

I think order number one was a success...and I am exhausted!


  1. I saw your link on fb on a sugarbelle comment. This is such a great party theme! You did such a great job! I can't wait to see your next project!

  2. Your cake and cake pops came out beautifully! Love the design on the cake! I never would have thought of cake pops being the take-home favor -- what a great idea!!