Tuesday, January 10, 2012

And A Few More Valentines...

These were some fun cookies.
I love doing random letters and sayings with cookies!

So any time I have the opportunity to "write" or "spell" with cookies, I take that opportunity and run with it.

I did these in a Brown Sugar Spice Cookie recipe that I got from the famous SugarBelle's.
You can try the recipe for yourself...
I think they turned out fairly well.
There were a few minor glitches.

For example...my never-ending problem with runny icing.

Some of the leaves were a little gooey and didn't hold shape as much as I'd have liked.

But for the most part, these were some stress-free cookies, LOL!

Stress-free cookies, you may ask?

Anyone who knows me, knows that I stress BIG TIME when I decorate cookies and cakes.

As much as I love baking and decorating, it is still a source of stress for me...as I am a perfectionist.  And as a newbie, the learning curve is very difficult for me.
So, when you hear me say "stress-free cake or cookies"...
Now, you'll know that it was a good experience!

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  1. I think they look terrific! And I didn't notice any runny leaves! They look so puffy and I love the dot details around the outside edges. What type of icing do you use- royal or glaze? I really "love" those flowers!! :)