Friday, January 27, 2012

"Lace" Cookies...

I had been wanting to try these ever since I started following "My Little Bakery" on Facebook.
If you have never seen her cookies or heard of her...Nadia is an amazingly talented cookie artist with exquisite handiwork!
I would have never attempted these, had she not put out a wonderful video tutorial.

After watching the tutorial several times (and marveling at her steady hand and amazing talent), I decided I had to give it a go.
Well...let's just say, I don't think my "lace" will ever match up to the talent of "My Little Bakery".  But it was a lot of fun and wasn't as disasterous as it could've been, LOL!
I enjoyed doing these and it could've been much worse, LOL!
If you've never seen her work, check out her blog here.


  1. Seriously, Melody??? These are incredible!!!!!

  2. Those look great!!! I love them!