Monday, February 27, 2012

Lego Love....

At my son's school, if you have a birthday in the summer months, you get to celebrate your "half birthday"...which is six months to the day from your actual birthday.

And so, February 25 is his "half birthday" (August 25 is his actual birthday).
As (un)luck would have it...even his "half birthday" fell on a SATURDAY...of all days!
Still no school!  LOL!

So, he celebrated his half birthday on the Monday following.
He saw the amazing SugarBelle's Lego cookies and immediately knew what he wanted dear old mom to make for his class.

And so you have it...
Lego cookies!
As I've probably mentioned before, my youngest son is not a fan of sugar cookies, so I used the wonderful SugarBaker's Chocolate Chip Cut-Out Cookie recipe.
I had a "triple" rectangle Wilton cookie cutter (it cuts three rectangles at once) so it was perfect for Lego bricks! 
I also used it to make the square ones too, simply by cutting some of the rectangles in half.
The heads, however...I was not so lucky.
Those were all hand cut.
Not my favorite chore...especially with chocolate chips in the mix...but as all we moms know...we do anything for our babies!
Am I right?
So I printed out the template from SugarBelle.
In order to make it sturdier, I traced it onto a margarine tub lid and then cut it out from there.
The plastic made it much more sturdy to cut around when working with the dough.
Lego Love.

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  1. Fantastic! Such a wonderful momma you are! LOVE these cookies!!