Thursday, August 2, 2012

Gluten Free Goodness

 My sister is gluten free.
And having a baking obsession, I have always felt bad that she can't partake in the goodies I make when I bring them to family functions.

 I have always wanted to make her a special gluten free dessert.
Yet I was always afraid to try.
I had heard so many horror stories of cookies gone bad.
 Well, I did my homework and researched quite a few recipes online.
I finally decided on one.
 A lot of them had a list of ingredients a mile long.
So naturally, I went for the easiest/shortest recipe I could find.

They turned out pretty good I think!
I must say, the dough was very...different/odd to work with.
Very sticky.
And once baked, these cookies are a very...crumbly/flaky cookie.
Yet I persued.
And with a lot of care...I was able to get them all decorated with no major crumbling!
I have never eaten gluten I didn't know what to expect.
I tasted one and thought they tasted pretty good...a little dry...but good.
She said they were good!
So who am I to question that!


  1. Are you willing to share the recipe Melody? We try to follow a gluten free diet at our house most of the time too. THANKS!

  2. These are gorgeous cookies, Mel! What a fabulous sister you are to make special cookies for you sis!!! I love the colors you used, and the fonts, and the two sister stick figures holding hands -- so super cute!!