Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Baby Blues...

 I was so excited to be able to do another set of baby cookies!
One of my daycare families just had a baby boy and I was delighted to start this platter, as it seems all I ever get to make are baby girl cookies!  Not that there's anything wrong with baby girl cookies, but these were my FIRST boy cookies!
 I love yellow with both pink and blue...so I knew I wanted to add yellow to the blue color scheme.
 When a new baby is born to a family that already has children, all of the attention is placed on the new baby.  I like to include the older children in some way...so with this gift, I included personalized cookies for the two older sisters.
 I can't wait to snuggle this new baby!
He will be joining my daycare soon!
 I don't have a whole lot of baby shaped cookie cutters, so I did a lot of lettering/words.
 I can always use more practice on my piping skills anyway.
 I always like to call these kind of cookies "filler" for my platters.
All done!
I hope they enjoy them!

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